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Lockdown Poetry

Amberleigh Care (UK) has two locations which run as formal therapeutic communities for teenage boys: deliberately structured settings that make real use of groups and relationships. Each community has a large children's home, a registered school and a therapy team that works across both communities. There are up to 19 boys on one site and up to 12 on the other. The boys come to stay with us from all over the country and are with us anywhere from 18 months to 6 years.

Poetry is always a popular topic for the boys in school because it's a way of expression that they find fun and more free flowing - especially when they can then alter their poems into songs and raps! This time the lesson was based around the NHS graffiti art of Banksy. With the first focus being about how much the NHS is now valued by everyone, the short lessons deepened in thought and reflection to how the boys have had to adapt their lives in lockdown.

The poems mention memories, how the world has changed and confusion. The boys are all very proud of their work and have all enjoyed sharing their poems in the school assembly. Each poem brings a small insight to their shared experience.

We hope you enjoy them.


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