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Fiction featuring Care Experience

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The Twins

Tessa de Loo


Tessa de Loo is the pen name of the Dutch novelist and short story writer Johanna Martina (Tineke) Duyvené de Wit.
Twins Lotte and Anna who were seperated as young children, are at last reunited. Neither lost hope to see each other again. However, with Europe on the verge of war, much has changed between them. While Lotte has enjoyed a privileged upbringing in liberal Holland, Anna has endured a life of poverty in a Germany under the spell of Hitler. With Lotte now engaged to a Jewish musician, and Anna brainwashed by Third Reich ideas, cracks in their relationship soon appear. With the war on, the twins decide to part again.
Back in Germany, Anna marries Martin, an Austrian soldier, who hates the war but joins the SS for the sake of his wife only to be killed a few days later. Anna is devastated and longs for her sister. At the same time, Lotte's own life is in danger. The Nazis have invaded Holland and her lover has been taken to Auschwitz. Knowing she will never see him again, all she can do is keep his family safe from Hitler's troops. Now an old woman, Lotte remembers the pain as, before her, stands the sister she disowned all those years ago. Can these two lives ever be reconciled? The twins now face their final test . . .

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