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The Rale Rasic Story

Rale Rasic


Bosnian born Australian soccer player and coach, Rale Rasic* (b. 1935), grew up in an orphanage.

Rale Rasic was the second of 4 children born to Stanislava and Ivan Rasic in what was then the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The children were separated, the 2 girls going to different orphanages and his brother, Dragoslav, who was born in 1944, was adopted. Rale stayed in the orphanage until he was 17. He grew up playing soccer, and was drafted into a professional team at the age of 13. At the age of 26, Rale Rasik made the decision to move to Australia, but was not in Melbourne long before he was called home to complete national service. While in the army he completed his university degree in education.

Rale returned to Australia in 1966 and 4 years later took up a position as coach of the national soccer team, the Socceroos. He is fondly remembered as the first coach to take the team to the World Cup in 1974 and owns a considerable collection of memorabilia from the event.

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