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The Law According to Lidia Poet


Lydia Poet (1855-1949) was the first modern Italian woman to qualify as a lawyer. However, she was disbarred from practicing law in Turin (where the story is based)
The Netflex series The Law According to Lidia Poet is an Italian crime series about Lidia Poet. Despite her suspension, Lidia Poet (Matilda De Angelis) works on cases with her brother, Enrico (Pier Luigi Pasino).
One of the cases (Episode 4) sees Lidia and Enrico represent a woman, Margherita Sangiacomo, who is accused of poisoning a professor. The professor experimented on sex workers and was responsible for the death of Margherita’s mother. After the death of her mother, Margherita grew up in a convent and became an academic.

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