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Fiction featuring Care Experience

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The Flying Troutmans

Miriam Toews


The Flying Troutmans by Canadian writer, Miriam Toews, is the heartbreaking yet hopeful story of Hattie’s courageous efforts to care for her niece and nephew while their mother, Min, is in a psychiatric ward of the local hospital.

It’s 11 year old Thebes who calls her aunt, 28 year old Hattie, in Paris and begs her to return to Canada to help (as she often has in the past).

Hattie is well aware that the children are at risk of being taken into state care; the hospital social worker has already alluded to that. But she’s also unsure about what part she wants to play in their upbringing.

Hattie decides the best thing to do is take Thebes and 15 year old Logan on a road trip to locate their long missing father, Doug Cherkis.

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