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Fiction featuring Care Experience

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That They May Face the Rising Sun

John McGahern


The last book written by Irish writer, John McGahern (1934-2006), includes a Care Experienced character, Bill Edwards.

"That They May Face the Rising Sun" (2002) tells the story of a year in the of Joe and Kate Ruttledge who have moved from London to live a rural life in Ireland.

One of the people they welcome into their home is Bill Edwards, an odd character. Everyone knows that Bill was in a Catholic children's home, that he was sent out to work on a farm at the age of 14 and that he ran away from that first 'placement' because of maltreatment.

Joe has a chat with Bill one day about his experiences which is too much for Bill. "Stop torturing me" he cried out (p.13).

By the end of the book, the local priest is organising a small apartment for Bill in the city.

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