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Sharon Saltzberg

American writer and meditation teacher, Sharon Salzbert (b. 1952) was born in New York City. When Sharon was 4, her father left the family. When she was 9, her mother died. Sharon then went to live with her paternal grandparents. Her grandfather died 2 years later. Although her father briefly returned, he then spent the rest of his short life in a mental hospital.

Sharon Salberg spent 4 years in India studying with Dipa Ma (911-1989), a teacher of Theravada Buddhism.

With Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein, Salzberg founding the Insight Meditation Society in 1974 and in 1989, with Goldstein, the Barre Centre for Buddhist Studies.

She is the author of 11 books and has a podcast, the Metta Hour Podcast.

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