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Rosie Waterland

Rosie Waterland is a writer based in Sydney. She was born in 1986 and her parents struggled with addictions. Rosie's mother often left her three girls on their own, until eventually welfare authorities stepped in and put them into foster care. After the girls were returned to their mother twelve months later, their mother decided she did not want them living with her. Rosie went into kinship care and boarding school and then went on to university. After struggling with PTSD for a while and wondering what to do with her life, she submitted a piece of writing for Mamamia, an Australian website for women.

From there, Rosie Waterland has gone on to become a successful writer and comedian. She published The Anti Cool Girl (2015) to critical acclaim and her second book, Every Lie I’ve Ever Told (2017) was a national bestseller. She has written for television and performed live at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (2016). Her national tour in 2017 was sold out.

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