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Behind the Scenes

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Robert Harris

Robert Harris (1829-1904) arrived in Tasmania with his convict mother, Elizaeth in 1831. 2 year old Robert was admitted to the new Orphan School in 1832 and not released to his mother until he was 12.

At the age of 34, Robert Harris set up his own printing and publishing business and started a newspaper. With his sons, Robert Harris and using a family business, The Harris Compnay, launched the North Western Advocate in 1899, which became the Advocate in 1918, with 3 of Robert's grandsons running it, and great-grandsons after that. Harris & Company bought the Launceston Examiner in 1990 but was taken over by Rural Press at the end of 2003. Rural Press was incorporated into Fairfax Media during 2007.

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