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Nothing Compares


Sinéad O'Connor (now Shuhada Sadaqat) famously made her own protest against child abuse by members of the catholic church when, in 1992, she tore up a photo of Pope John Paul II during a Saturday Night Live performance.

This incident, and the effect on O'Connor of subsequently becoming a pariah, is discussed in the 2022 documentary, Nothing Compares. The documentary was directed by Kathryn Ferguson for whom O'Connor was a hero, a woman radically ahead of her time in challenging racism and misyogy in the music industry, and in speaking out against child abuse.

As Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian wrote (5.10.23) in his review of Nothing Compares, all those who mocked O’Connor back in 1992 “would solemnly agree now on the issues O’Connor popularised.”

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