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Fiction featuring Care Experience

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Mr Timothy

Louis Bayard (3)


Mr Timothy (2003) by Louis Bayard picks up Tiny Tim's story (from a Christmas Carol) from where Charles Dickens left off.

Set in London in 1860, Timothy Cratchit is now a young man of 23, walks with a limp, has "Uncle" Ebenezer has a benefactor and tutors (in reading) a woman who runs a brothel in exchange for accommodation.

Inevitably, since the story is set in Dickensian London, there are many street kids and orphans. There are also girls (between ages 8 and 12) being trafficked from Europe into England and the arms of nefarious aristocratic men.

Timothy sets out to save one 10 year old girl, orphaned Philomela, in particular and in the process befriends Colin, a 13 year old hustler and talented singer.

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