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Modesty Blaise

Peter O'Donnell, Jim Holdaway


Modesty Blaise is a British comic strip with a fictional character of the same name. It was created in 1963 by Peter O’Donnell and Jim Holdaway and follows the adventures of the talented Modesty Blaise and her sidekick Willie Garvin.

In 1945, a girl escapes from a displaced persons camp in Greece. She wanders around the Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa, learning to survive and eventually becoming Modesty Blaise.

In 1953, Modesty Blaise takes control of a criminal gang in Tangier and expands it an international organisation she calls the Network.

Over time, Modesty Blaise meets Willie Garvin, the pair retire and move to England, but, bored, they begin work for the British Secret Service—and for themselves.

Many reprints of Modesty Blaise have appeared over the years, along with novels and several films.

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