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Michael Fuller QPM

Michael Fuller b.1959 in London – former assistant Commissioner of the Met and Chief Constable of Kent and Her Majesty's Chief Inspector. Michael Fuller, born to Jamaican parents 60 years ago, spent much of his early years in local authority care. Michael was born to parents from the Windrush Generation who had come to the UK in the late-fifties, split when Michael was 18 months old and who struggled to adapt to this ‘new’ way of life, in terms of prejudice and finding jobs. Michael was so neglected he was in hospital for some months before being moved into Fair Mile Hatch, a care home in Kent. He was cared for by Margaret Hurst, to whom he dedicated his book. Kill the Black One First. A Memoir of Hope and Justice (2019). A book about his experiences in policing. In 2020, a second memoir was published A Search For Belonging (2020) is a story of resilience, persistence and optimism; of how one man set out, against the odds, to try and belong.

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