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Matilda The Musical


Matilda the Musical (2022) is an adaption of the 2011 stage musical (which was an adaptation of the 1988 novel Matilda by Roald Dahl).

During the film, Matilda (Alisha Weir) tells a story (to librarian Mrs Phelps) of a escapologist and acrobat who have a child. When the acrobat dies, the child is left with the acrobat's stepsister who treats her cruelly.

Matilda later learns that the escapologist and acrobat were Miss Honey's (Lashana Lynch) parents, and the stepsister is the brutal Miss Trunchbull (Emma Thompson).

After Trunchbull is banished from Crunchem Hall, Matilda moves in with Miss Honey and the school is renamed The Big Friendly School

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