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Martin Buber

Today we have added prolific writer & scholar, Martin Buber (1878-1965), to the archive.

Martin Buber was born in Vienna. His parents separated when Martin was 4 years of age. After the separation of his parents, the young Martin lived with his paternal grandparents in Lember, now Lviv in Ukraine.

Martin Buber’s paternal grandparents were wealthy and part of the Jewish “aristocracy”. The boy was homeschooled by his grandmother and he learned to speak a variety of languages including Hebrew, Yiddish, Polish, Ger, Italian & English.

At University, Martin Buber studied philosophy and art and he completed a PhD at the University of Vienna in 1904.

Martin Buber was 60 when he migrated to Palestine – after the Nazis stopped his teaching and public lectures – and became involved in the Palestinian Jewish community. He was appointed as a professor in social philosophy at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, a position he held until 1951.

Buber’s major philosophic works (in English) are I and Though (1923), and 2 collections of essays, Between Man & Man (1944) and The Knowledge of Man (1965).

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