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Fiction featuring Care Experience

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Mansfield Park

Jane Austen


Jane Austen's 3rd novel, Mansfield Park (1814), is about a girl growing up in kinship care.

Fanny Price is 10 when she is sent to live with a wealthy aunt and uncle. The Bertrams have 4 children, all older than Fanny.

Only Fanny's cousin, Edmund, treat her kindly; her other cousins and aunt Norris are mean.

Many readers find Fanny Price a difficult character to emphathise one; she's described by as "Jane Austen's least popular heroine."

Tara Isabella Burton (2014) points out, however, that in reading Mansfield Park we need to pay attention to social class and how class privilege plays a key role in determining our expectations of what a 'good' heroine should be like.

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