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Louise Beech

Louise Beech b.1970. Her debut novel, How to be Brave, was a Guardian Readers' pick in 2015 and a top ten bestseller on Amazon. The Mountain in my Shoe features a boy in foster care and was longlisted for the Guardian's Not The Booker Prize 2016. Following many more books, Daffodils, her memoir, is out now in audiobook, it features foster care, kinship care and time in an orphanage as well as the erratic care from an alcoholic mother. Louise’s memoir is unusual because it is a family memoir, the voices of herself and three siblings are with her the whole way through. They managed to stay together apart from one period when they were separated from their baby brother, who was put into a foster home and their time in an orphanage. The twins and Louise also spent time with their grandmother, but eventually they moved back home and stayed together as a family. Their bond unbreakable, their story full of pathos and humour. Nothing Else, features a professional pianist searching for her sister, who disappeared when their parents died, aided by her childhood-care records and a single song that continues to haunt her.

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