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Lee Majors

Lee Majors (born Harvey Lee Yeary; April 23, 1939) is an American film, television and voice actor. Majors was born in Wyandotte, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. His parents, Carl and Alice Yeary, were both killed in separate accidents (his father in a work accident 5 months prior to his birth and his mother in a car accident when he was almost 17 months old). At age two, Majors was adopted by his uncle and aunt, Harvey and Mildred Yeary and moved with them to Middlesboro, Kentucky. Majors is best known for portraying the characters of Heath Barkley in the American television Western series The Big Valley (1965–1969), Colonel Steve Austin in the American television science fiction action series The Six Million Dollar Man (1973–1978), and Colt Seavers in American television action series The Fall Guy (1981–1986).

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