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Khelsi Price

Khelsi Price

Khelsi Price first went into foster care on her seventh birthday. As a young child, she lived with two different foster carers during the first 12 months before moving to her forever home and into the care of special, long-term carers Jean and Taff.

Khelsi stayed with the couple until she moved out to live independently as a teenager and is now running a successful party entertainment business.

KP Kids, which started life as The Entertainment Eporium, launched seven years ago and Khelsi has been entertaining children with party games and tricks as well as making look-alike appearances as character favourites ever since. She wants to inspire children who are in the same position she was in when she was a child and encourage them to “aim high”. “Being in foster care can be such a positive experience for those children and young people who need it. "I know I would never have had the opportunities I have without it.’

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