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Joseph Livesey

Joseph Livesey (1794-1884) was orphaned at the age of 7, from which time he lived with his grandfather and an uncle.
As an adult, Joseph became involved in local (Preston, Lancashire in England) politics, kicking off the Temperance Movement, publishing a monthly magazine The Moral Reformer (1831-1883) for 4 years, and then The Struggle as he agitated against the Corn Laws. In 1844 Joseph set up the Preston Guardian (which is still going but is now the Farmers Guardian), the Teetotal Progressionist in August 1851 (which lasted until May 1852), and the Staunch Teetotaller which lasted 2 years.
In addition to many tracts (short treatise) and lectures he wrote, Joseph Livesey published his autobiography in 1881.

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