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Fiction featuring Care Experience

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Holly Throsby


Goodwood (2016) is the debut novel of Australian singer-songwriter Holly Throsby.

The novel is a mystery set in a small, fictional NSW regional town. Two people go missing in 1992. First, it’s 18-year-old Rosie. Next, its past middle age Bart McDonald who doesn’t return from a fishing trip.

The narrator of the story is 17-year-old Jean. Jean thinks she’s uncovered an important clue to the disappearances when she finds $500 in a hidey-hole. Then, confusingly, the money is taken and replaced by a small plastic horse.

Jean is the daughter of single mother, Celia, who was adopted as a baby. Jean’s grandparents lovingly told Celia the story of them choosing her from rows and rows of babies, but at age 14, Celia discovers that adoption “was just a mountain of bureaucracy and it took ages and prospective adopters pretty much got what they were given” (26).

Celia went to university in Sydney, then returned to Goodwood to raise Jean after Jean’s father left them.

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