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Goodnight Mister Tom (Play) by David Wood (Adapter), Michelle Magorian

David Wood


Goodnight Mister Tom is a 2011 play by David Wood, based on the 1981 children's novel of the same name by Michelle Magorian. Early in World War II, William Beech is billetted upon Tom Oakley in rural Dorset. Oakley, a reclusive curmudgeon, has been a solitary resident for 40 years since he became a widower and lost his infant son; Beech is an illiterate, bruised, and starving Deptford evacuee. Oakley nourishes Beech physically and emotionally until Beech's mother calls for his return to London. The play earned the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Entertainment at the 2013 Laurence Olivier Awards.

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