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Clifford Joseph Price MBE (1965), better known as Goldie, is a British musician, music producer, DJ, visual artist and actor. He was born in Walsall, aEngland to Margaret, a Scottish woman and Clement, a Jamaican man. At the age of three he was put into the state care system and for the next 15 years he lived in a number of foster and children’s homes. After the filming of Bombin’ (1988), Goldie was taken to New York by the filmmakers. He met with street artist Brim Fuentes in New York, then moved to Miami where he supported himself by selling gold caps for teeth.

After his return to London in 1990, Gold became involved in the rave scene and pioneered “jungle music” which “combine hardcore beat, hip-hop, funk and reggae”. He then launched his own label, Metalheadz in 1994 and worked with a range of artists including David Bowie. Goldie has been awarded two honorary degrees and an MBE and is the author of two autobiographies.

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