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Glenyse Ward

Aboriginal Australian writer, Glenyse Ward (b. 1949), was in residential care and a work placement as a child.

Glenyse Ward was born in Perth. She was a year old when she was taken from her mother and put into an orphanage. When she was 3, Glenyse was taken to the Wandering Mission run by an Apostolic order within the Roman Catholic Church. Glenyse's first work experience was as a domestic for a white family; after a year she refused to return to the job and took up other work in hospital kitchens in Perth. In 1975, Glenyse married Charles Ward. The couple had two children and moved to Broome where Charles opened his own barber shop and Glenyse took up writing. Her book, Wandering Girl, is recognised as one of several early works which has contributed to the revision of Australian history by telling the story of the Stolen Generation. Glenyse Ward won the Fellowship of Australian Writers Patricia Weickhardt Award in 1991, and received a special commendation for her autobiographical book Unna You Fullas in 1997 from the National Library of Australia Book National Audio Book-of-the-Year Award.

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