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Douglas Jardine

Douglas Jardine

Infamous English cricketer, Douglas Jardine (1900-1958), was in kinship care as a child.

Douglas Robert Jardine was born in Bombay (now Mumbai), India. His parents were both Scottish and his father, Malcolm, well regarded as a cricketer.

At the age of 9, Douglas was sent from India to live in St Andrews, Scotland, with his Aunt Kitty. While living with his aunt, he became friends with scholar Andrew Lang, who encouraged the boy in his love of cricket.

Douglas went first to Horris Hill and he then boarded at Winchester College but spent holidays with his aunt. At both schools Douglas developed as a cricketer and cricket captain.

In 1919, Jardine began studying at New College, Oxford where he played cricket and “and obtained a fourth class in modern history.” He qualified to practice law in 1926, but earned his living as a bank clerk.

Douglas Jardine played for England against Australia for the first time in 1926 and he captained the MCC against Australia in 1932. Jardine used 'leg theory' or 'bodyline' against the Australian side but controversy grew because of injuries. Bodyline was formally banned in 1935.

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