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David Hill


David Hill (b.1946) is an English-born Australian business leader and author.David, a twin, was born in East Sussex, England. Because of poverty, the boys lived in the Barnardos children’s home in Barkingside, Redbridge (previously Essex). When he was 12, David migrated to Australia as part of the Child Migrant Scheme and lived at the Fairbridge Farm School in Molong, a small town in the Central West region of New South Wales. David Hill did a wide variety of working class jobs before attending university and becoming a tutor at the University of Sydney. He then worked in a variety of professional occupations before rising to prominence, particularly as Managing Director of the national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Commission, a position he held from 1987 to 1995.

David Hill is also a successful writer. He published his first book—on the Fairbridge Farm School—in 2007, and has published 7 books since on a variety of historical topics.

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