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An explanation for the origin of the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, forms part of the drama series Clark on Netflix.

Clark includes the events of the 1973 Norrmalmstorg, Sweden heist during which a hostage rings the Prime Minister and says she feels safer with the bank robbers than with the police. The hostages went so far as to, apparently, raise money for their captors when the robbers were finally apprehended.

Criminologist and psychiatrist, Nils Bejerot, coined the phrase ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ when he was asked for assistance by the Stockholm police.

The rest of the series tells the story of career criminal Clark Olofsson, (b.1947, played by Bill Skarsgard), who, despite claiming to want freedom, has spent around half of his life in gaol.

Clark was in foster care after his brutal father left the family and his mother was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

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