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Christopher Wordsworth


Christopher Wordsworth (1807 – 1885) was an English bishop in the Anglican Church and academic. Christopher was the youngest of the 5 children born to lawyer John Wordsworth (1741-1783) and Ann Cookson (1747-1778) in Cockermouth, Cumbria (historically a part of Cumberland). When Ann died in 1778, John Wordsworth split up his family. Christopher and John, the 2nd youngest, went to live with maternal grandparents in Penrith. Christopher continued living with his grandparents until he boarded at Hawkshead Grammar School, returning to them during term breaks. He then went on to Trinity College, Cambridge as a scholarship student in 1792. He graduated with a BA in 1796, a MA in 1799 and a DD (Doctor of Divinity) in 1810. Christopher Wordsworth was appointed master of Trinity College in 1820, and he held that position until he resigned in 1841. He was elected Vice Chancellor of the College for the 1820-1821 academic year, and for a 2nd time in 1826-1827.

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