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Christmas Story


Did you know *Father Christmas* was an orphan?
Well in 'Christmas Story' (2007 Finnish film) he is!
It is the story of how orphan, Nikolas became Santa Claus. In Lapland, they raise him communally. with each family taking him for one year and then moving him on to the next. Grateful, Nikolas makes toys for each family that cared for him and so it grows. It becomes a tradition from then, with Nikolas never forgetting the children of those families that received him each year. When a blight hits the village, and none of the families can afford to take him in for the next year, he is taken in by grumpy hermit Iisakki as his carpenter's apprentice. Iisakki works him hard but Nikolas is clever and quick to learn, and Iisakki gradually grows to love Nikolas as his own son. Nikolas begins to live more and more for the spirit of Christmas with each passing year and it becomes his life and as he grows old he becomes the figure known as Santa Claus.

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