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Charles Willeford


Charles Ray Willeford III (January 2, 1919 – March 27, 1988) was an American writer. Orphaned at the age of eight, Charles lived with his grandmother in Los Angeles. When his grandmother lost her job during the Great Depression, the thirteen year left home so as not to burden her. Charles joined the army at the age of 16 where he stayed until 1956. He published his first book, a book of poetry, when he was serving in the military. In the years after his military career, Charles Willeford got a university degree, taught creative writing at a Community College, reviewed books for The Miami Herald for 20 years, inspired Quentin Tarantino and wrote books. An author of fiction, poetry, autobiography, and literary criticism, Willeford is best known for his series of novels featuring hardboiled detective Hoke Moseley.

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