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Fiction featuring Care Experience

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Cazalet Chronicle Collection

Elizabeth Jane Howard


The Cazalets Chronicles is a five-book series of novels that follows the secrets and yearnings of the Cazalet family of Home Place, Sussex through three decades of middle-class life. Beginning in 1937, through to the Fifties, the three generations of the family experience love, loss, and, ultimately, life-altering change. One of the characters in the first 2 books of the set, Sybil, wife of Hugh Cazalet, is Care Experienced. We don't find that out until the 3rd book, Confusion, however, when we are told that Sybil's mother died when she was 3. The family were in India at the time and Sybil's father left the children - Sybil and her brother - to be raised by servants. 7 years later Sybil and her brother were taken to England and left in the care of an aunt, who "despatched them to boarding schools where both were profoundly homesick". Peripheral to the main story are a few other care ecperienced characters. In the first 2 books is the Babies' Home run by unmarried Rachel Cazalet, and in the 3rd book, the former lover of Nora's new husband, Tony, was a "Dr Barnardo's boy". Also in the 3rd book, the American woman Teddy Cazalet has fallen in love with was raised by an aunt. An ongoing discussion in the 1st 3 books is about the perils of boarding school, places of bullying and loneliness for many of the boy characters who've been subjected to this form of education.

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