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The American television series, Blindspot, features an orphan character.

In the first episode, a tattooed women with no memory of who she is is left in a bag in Times Square, New York City. She's 'taken in' by the FBI who work out that the tattoos are clues to crimes.

Over time, it turns out that 'Jane Doe' was born Alice Kruger in South Africa. Trained to be a child soldier, she was adopted (along with her brother) by Ellen 'Shepherd' Briggs the head of a terrorist group called Sandstorm. Briggs renamed the children Remi and Roman, a connection to the ancient story of Romulus and Remus.

Aside from the main story (and Jane being forced to adopt out her own daughter), in Season 2 Ep 18 there's an investigation into a foster home where new drugs are being tested on foster children.

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