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Fiction featuring Care Experience

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Bitter Wash Road

Garry Disher


Bitter Wash Road is the first of 3 books featuring Paul Hirschhausen, a detective who has been demoted and relocated to a small country town as punishment for testifying against corrupt colleagues. In this book, Hirschausen uncovers a story of powerful men sexually abusing teenagers, including girls in the care of the South Australian state. The second in the series, Peace (2019), includes a young woman from Bitter Wash Road as part of the recurring cast of characters. Gemma was in foster care for a while but she now works languidly in the local store yet is brilliant in a crisis. The 3rd of the series, Consolation, also includes a child protection story, this one about a girl being locked in a caravan by her stepmother. In the 4th of the series, Day's End (2022), Disher includes Petra Osmak and Scott Greig, both of whom were raised in kinship care and both of whom are involved in disdainful activities.

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