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Beyond the Orphanage. A journey of hope and aspirations

Deborah Dzifah Tamakloe


Beyond the Orphanage tells Deborah’s story from when she first went into foster care. Deborah was born into a Catholic polygamous family in Nkawkaw, south Ghana, which means, as she says, she had “three additional mothers”. One day, her life changed inexplicably; her mother took Deborah to live with a friend in a nearby village, supposedly because school was closer and Deborah would not be punished for arriving later than 7am anymore. Deborah returned to her mother on weekends and for holidays. In January 2005, about a year into this new living arrangement, 11-year-old Deborah was expecting to go to boarding school but was instead taken to the Baptist School Complex and Orphanage (BASCO).

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