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Archie Roach

Archie Roach

A member of the Stolen Generations, Archie Roach is an iconic Australian singer-songwriter. Archibald William Roach: b. 8 January 1956-d. 30 July 2022. In 1956, Roach's family, along with the rest of the area's Indigenous population, were re-housed on Rumbalara mission. At the age of 4, Roach and his sisters, along with the other Indigenous Australian children of the stolen generations, were forcibly removed from their family and placed in an orphanage. After two unpleasant placements in foster care, Roach was eventually fostered by Alex and Dulcie Cox, a family of Scottish immigrants in Melbourne. Alex Cox would sing traditional ballads and introduced Roach to guitar and keyboards. Roach said "He was a big influence on me — a good influence. I'll love him to the day I die." At the age of fifteen, Roach was contacted by his natural sister, who told him their mother had just died. He spent the next fourteen years on the streets, battling alcoholism.

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