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The Last Tycoon


The Last Tycoon (2016) is an American television series adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald's last novel of the same name. The novel was unfinished and posthumously published in 1941.

The series is about film industry based in Hollywood in the 1930's and raises many issues - about fascism, social class, war, race & ethnicity, bullying bosses, blackmail, greed.

There is a kinship care family featured throughout. A young man, Max Miner (Mark O'Brien) and his school age sister and brother. They've walked from Olkahoma to Hollywood and Max eventually gets a job on the movie set run by Pat Grady (Kelsey Grammer).

A side story is that of one of the cellists, Hannah Taub (Melia Kreiling) who arrives with the Austrian National Orchestra. An orphan and Jewish, she was raised by Catholic nuns. She elects to stay in the US given the rise of fascism in Europe.

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