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Fiction featuring Care Experience

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The Heart's Invisible Furies

John Boyne (3)


The Heart’s Invisible Furies (2017) by Irish writer John Boyne explores social change in the Republic of Ireland through the life of an adoptee, Cyril Avery.

In 1945, Cyril’s mother, Catherine Goggin, is banished from her hometown after she is denounced by the local priest. Catherine moves to Dublin and gives her son up for adoption.

Cyril’s adoptive parents, Charles and Maude Avery, leave the boy much to his own devices.

Cyril realises early that he is gay but homosexuality is a criminal offence in Ireland and the young man is conflicted, resorting to secret sexual encounters with men but deeply unhappy with this.

When he finally moves to Amsterdam in 1973, where homosexuality is legal, Cyril lives openly as a gay man, falls in love, and informally adopts a child with his partner.

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