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The Brightness of Stars: Stories of Adults Who Came Through the Care System

Lisa Cherry


Lisa Cherry spent 4 years in care from 14 years old. She experienced homelesness and was an alcoholic before being picked up and supported by a charity. Cherry reflects on her early life and journey through the care system. Interspersed between the narrative are references to policy makers and the statistics and data that measure care leaver outcomes. The second half of the book is a collection of eight autobiographical pieces written by care experienced adults who in many cases are failed or even physically, morally, and sexually abused by the corporate parents supposed to protect them. In spite of this most go on to have a successful, fulfilled though obviously care-afflicted life. Essential reading for anyone with a personal or professional interest in the lives of children in care. Outcomes remain poor, but this book, through the recollections of those who have survived and thrived, will enable the reader to see how resilience grows, and how care could be improved.