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Silent System: Forgotten Australians the Institutionalisation of Women and Children

Paul Ashton & Jacqueline Z Wilson (Editors


Silent System: Forgotten Australians and the Institutionalisation of Women and Children (2014) is a scholarly book edited by Paul Ashton & Jacqueline Z Wilson.

Silent System was in response to a public history conference convened 26-27 September 2013. It was co-run by the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct Memory Project & the Australian Centre for Public History at UTS.

Themes are:
Colonial Pasts; Memory & Place; Sites of Injustice; & Creative Responses

Contributors include: Shurlee Swain, Nell Musgrove, Tracy Ireland, Lily Hibberd, Bonney Djuric, Jacqueline Z Wilson, Naomi Parry, Dolly MacKinnon & Dee Michell

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