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Sancho: An Act of Rememberance

Paterson Joseph


This play, written and performed by Paterson Joseph, was first staged in 2015 in Oxford and Birmingham in England and then at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. In 2018, the play premiered iin Lond at Wilton's Music Hall. The play tells something of the life of Charles Ignatius Sancho (c1729-1780) who was born on a slave ship in the Atlantic, orphaned at the age of 2, and then 'gifted' to 3 sisters in Greenwich, England. Sancho lived with the sisters for 18 years then year away. He was taken in by John Montagu who educated the young man. Sancho ended up becoming a shopkeeper and involved in the abolitionist movement. He wrote essays, at least one book and 2 plays, and he composed music.

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