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Fiction featuring Care Experience

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Poor Man's Orange

Ruth Park


Poor Man's Orange (1949) is the sequel to New Zealand born Australian author Ruth Park (1917-2010)’s debut novel, the now classic The Harp in the South (1948)

Poor Man’s Orange continues the story of the Irish Australian Catholic Darcy family, living in the impoverished Surry Hills area of Sydney.
Towards the end of The Harp in the South, Ruth Park introduced 24-year-old Aboriginal Australian Charlie Rothe, an Aboriginal Australian man who was orphaned at age 7.
Charlie Rothe becomes a part of the Darcy family after he marries the eldest daughter, Rowena (Roie)

Charlie Rothe is a kind, gentle man who features more in Poor Man’s Orange (1949) as he continues to live with the Darcy family after the death of his beloved Roie.

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