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Life in a Trash Bag: Restoring Dignity to Foster Children


In her Ted Talk, Courtney Price-Dukes suggested people who want to contribute to children in the foster care system could donate suitcases - because many children end up with their belongings in a trash bag.

This is the theme of Rob Scheers' Ted Talk.

He goes on to say that the idea of the trash bag he had as a child in foster care could have defined his life, ie, he could have seen himself as trash.

As an adult,Rob and his partner adopted children from the foster care system, only to find that those children arrived with trash bags.

The couple set up a charity in 2013 - Comfort Cases - which are backpacks with age appropriate items such as pyjamas, a book, shampoo & conditioner

The couple set up a charity - Comfort Cases - to provide backpacks with age-appropriate items such as pajamas, a book, shampoo & conditioner.

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