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Ladybird, Ladybird


Ladybird, Ladybird (1994) is a British film directed by Ken Loach. Set in 1987, the film tells the story of Maggie Conlan (Crissy Rock) who has had 6 children removed by Social Sciences and is trying to get the children back.

We learn that Maggie was in a violent relationship and escapes into a women’s refuge with 4 children. She locks them in her room when she goes out when night. There’s a fire. One child is badly injured and given to foster parents. Maggie returns to the abusive man and her other 3 children are taken into the care system.

Maggie has 2 more children with Jorge (Vladimir Vega) who is a refugee from Central American. Both children are removed by state authorities

Yet the authorities allow Maggie and Jorge to keep 3 more children.

According to Loach, the film is based on a true story.

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