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Bath Times & Nursery Rhymes

Pam Weaver


Adopted from birth, Pam Weaver trained as a nursery nurse working in children's homes, premature baby units, day nurseries and at one time she was a Hyde Park nanny. After training as a Nursery Nurse in the 1960’s, she worked in County Council Children’s Homes, private day nurseries and as a Hyde Park nanny. Her experiences are in Bath Times & Nursery Rhymes which became a Sunday Times best-seller. In 1961, sixteen year-old Pam Weaver began her training as a nursery nurse. Drawn to this profession by her caring nature and a desire to earn her own living, Pam had no idea of the road she was about to start down. At the government-run nursery, she found early mornings, endless floors to scrub, overbearing matrons, heartbreaking stories of abandonment, true friends and life lessons that would stay with her for decades.