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Agatha Christie's Marple


Agatha Christie’s Marple (2004-2013) is a British television series loosely based on the books and short stories of Agatha Christie (1890-1976).

Several of the episodes have Care Experienced Characters:

S1 The Body in the Library An adoption theme – an elderly man wants to adopt a young woman but there is opposition from his family to this idea, resulting in the young woman’s death.
S1 The Moving Finger The vicar’s nephew is living with him as his parents are in Kenya. Agnes was in an orphanage. She now works for the local lawyer and is the victim of murder.
S2 The Sleeping Murder Gwenda Reed was orphaned as a small child & raised by an aunt in India. Her mother had also grown up with her brother looking after her.
S2 The Sittaford Mystery Lawrence Fox plays the ward of the prospective PM. The young journalist was orphaned by age 3 and raised by nuns. One of the orphans is a murderer.
S3 Ordeal by Innocence Rachel Argyll has 5 adopted children, one of whom is assumed the murderer.
S3 Towards Zero Audrey Strange, the 1st wife of tennis player Neville Strange was orphaned when young & raised with cousins & an aunt. Neville Strange was also orphaned and raised in care. One of the 2 is a murderer.
S4 A Pocket Full of Rye Gladys the maid who used to work for Miss Marple & who was murdered came to Miss Marple from the orphanage.
S4 Murder is Easy. Bridgette Conway is an adoptee, an American in England searching for her birth parents
S4 #3 They Do it With Mirrors is set around a reformatory. The woman who runs it adopted a girl – Gina - and then had a daughter of her own – Mildred.
S4 Why Didn’t They Ask Evans Abandoned children kill their uncle & plot the death of their mother.
S5 The Pale Horse The murderer had been incarcerated @ the age of 12 for murder but was thought to be “cured”.
S5 The Mirror Crack’s from Side to Side 2 adopted children, neither of whom are murderers
S6 Greenshaw’s Folly Revolves around St Faith’s orphanage where children have been used in polio experiments. None of the once-residents are murderers.

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