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Vidal Sassoon: The Movie


Vidal Sassoon: The Movie (2010) recounts the story of Vidal Sassoon ((1928-2012) and his brother being put into a Jewish orphanage when their parent separated and because their mother was impoverished. They were in the orphanage for about 6 years and Vidal fondly remembers being in the choir.

He also remembers running away from the orphanage and going to his dad’s house. His dad’s response, however, was to return Vidal to the orphanage as soon as possible.

“I think that moment was when I lost any love that I had for him” says Vidal Sasson during the documentary. “I never saw him again.”

Like other children during WWII, Vidal Sassoon was also evacuated to the countryside “…where we lived with cows and sheep for the next few years.”

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