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Vera is a long running British (since 2011) crime drama based on the Vera Stanhope series of novels by Ann Cleeves. Vera Stanhope is played by Brenda Blethyn.

In Series 2, Episode 2, the victim of murder and perpetrator of it were both in children's homes. However, the story is complicated by a 'respectable' member of the community stealing a child.

In Series 3, Episode 1, a young girl who was adopted from Afghanistan is kidnapped from her home. This is a ‘cuckoo in the nest’ story.

In the Deer Hunter (Series 4, Episode 3), Shane Thurgood is killed on a remote Northumberland Moor. Thurgood grew up in the area with his grandfather but left as a young man to live in Newcastle where has published a novel. He returns to live on his grandfather’s farm after the old man’s death, but is killed.

In Series 5, Episode 4, a well-loved family man plummets from a multi-story car park just after picking up his foster daughter Lila from her school prom. It looks like a case of foul play but his wife Ellie insists he was a good man and loving father to their children, a son who they adopted and their foster daughter.

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