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Unforgotten is an English crime drama series which first aired in 2015 and which starred Nicola Walker for the first 4 series.

Series 4 of the British crime drama series, Unforgotten, has a former foster kid put in a brief appearance. Jerome Walsh is the son of the murdered man in the series, Matthew Walsh, and he was in and out of foster care, but in employment at the time of his father's murder being investigated. One of the suspects in the show, Fiona, has a criminal past and she has been posing as a former foster kid so she doesn't have to talk about her family of origin with her own family.

In Series 5, there is a complicated story involving intergenerational trauma for 4 generations of a family at one end of the social spectrum, while at the other end there is immense privilege, including non-accountability for committing crimes. Included in the causes of intergenerational trauma are rape, racism, kinship care, abuse at the hands of a cult leader, foster care and homelessness. Several members of the family have criminal records.

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