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The Split


The Split is a British legal drama television series. The first series (2018), follows the lives of the Defoe family, who all work in divorce law for the family firm, aside from eldest sister Hannah (Nicola Walker), who works for rival family law firm and youngest daughter who is a nanny.
Series 2, Episode 4 gives an insight into the adoption process. Steph and Ian Gibson Olympic athletes are in the middle of adopting Mia. However, they are due to attend a training camp in Portugal. They suggest that they could take Mia with them but Hannah advises this would raise questions about their ability to provide stability during the important initial period when Mia is placed in their care. The Gibsons can't agree who should stay behind failing to prioritise Mia’s interests.
There is a brief adoption moment in Series 3, Episode 5: Ruthless family lawyer, Melanie Aickman (Anna Chancelor), decides she doesn't want to meet the son she gave up for adoption years ago.
She, therefore, engages Hannah Defoe (Nicola Walker) to arrange a meeting and pay the young man off.
When Melanie realises it will benefit her public profile, she agrees on a reconciliation.

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