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The Royal Caledonian Education Trust

The Royal Caledonian Education Trust

Caledonian Road is a new novel by Scottish writer, Andrew O’Hagan (b. 1968).

Caledonian Road is also a north-south road running for a mile (1.6 kilometres) through the western side of Islington, an inner suburb of London, England.

Originally called Chalk Road, it was built in 1826 and renamed Caledonian Road in 1861 after the Royal Caledonian Asylum which was founded in 1815 by members of the Highland Society in London, and which had moved to Copenhagen Fields, Islington in 1827.

The Asylum was intended for Scottish children in London who had been orphaned during the Napoleonic Wars.

In 1852, Queen Victoria became Patron of the Asylum which was renamed the Royal Caledonian Schools. It housed approximately 70 boys and 50 girls in 1852.

The Royal Caledonian Schools was relocated to Bushey, Hertfordshire in 1902 and closed in 1995. Proceeds of the sale were invested and in 2012 The Royal Caledonian Education Trust was established to support families in need.

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